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Do you have family members, friends, and colleagues who you know would benefit from using Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See?


We are growing quickly because our customers are passionately spreading the word. Now we want to return the favor to everyone who is helping us get our program into the hands of all will benefit. Start earning money today!


  • Earn 12% commission for each sale of a you send our way on any of our seminars, webinars, and products (excluding the Lively Letters Phonics App)
  • Benefit from a 60 – day cookie window
  • Receive fast & easy commission payments via check or PayPal
  • Track every sale through your own dashboard

Some of you are already natural entrepreneurs who are supplementing your income by taking advantage of affiliate programs, sharing products you love with your prospects in your Facebook posts, emails, blogs, videos, and Instagram stories.


For many others, this may be your first venture as an affiliate, and we thought you might appreciate a little information on how our affiliate program works and how to get started


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.


Q - How does the affiliate program work?

A – After you fill out the application here and are accepted as an affiliate, you will be emailed a link to log into your affiliate account. There, in your dashboard, you will find your personal affiliate link that you will share with friends and colleagues who you think would benefit from buying products or any of the seminars and webinars we offer from Reading with TLC.  Although it is not mandated, many people let others know that they are Reading with TLC Affiliates because they believe so strongly in our programs.  When your colleagues, or prospects, click on your link, it will take them to our website and when they click on “shop” to buy materials or “trainings” to register for seminars and webinars. Anything they purchase there will be linked to your affiliate account and you will receive a 12% commission. You will be paid by check or PayPal, depending on which method you selected upon registration.


Q - When do I get paid my commissions?

A - You will receive your commissions one month after the end of the month during which you earned the sale(s).


Q - What if my prospect clicks on my link but does not purchase on that day?

A – Along with our generous 12% commission, we are giving affiliates 60-day cookies for their link. (Some companies give just one day!) This means that if your prospect is using a device they used when they clicked your link, you’ll get credit for orders they place for up to 60 days while that cookie is still there, even if they go straight to our website. By the way, a cookie is a small text file that is stored in a computer, and unfortunately you can’t eat it!


Q - I'm new to this. How do other affiliates share their links?

A - It could be as easy as writing an email, recommending that your colleagues check out Reading with TLC products by clicking on your affiliate link that you have copied and pasted right into that email. We have a sample email for you to use. View it by clicking the email icon on your dashboard. If you click the document icon you will see tips on changing your affiliate link. Some affiliates embed the link into text or pictures.  We also have image banners and badges that will be waiting for you in your affiliate dashboard (access these by clicking on the picture icon).  They will already be embedded with your personal link. You could use these banners and badges in your emails, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, blog, website, etc.


Q - How can I increase the percentage of prospects who buy products?

A - Some recommended tips are to go beyond just telling them to check out the products or trainings and offering the link. If you show them that you are passionate about the programs and the success you're seeing, they'll see the reason to try the programs and many more students will benefit. People respond strongly to videos of testimonials, product reviews, and sessions of students and teachers using the program. They also respond well to pictures, written reviews, and success stories. You may also be creative by showing program comparisons and ways to integrate our program with others.


Q - Do you have any other advice before I start?

A - Be yourself, be sincere and recommend the materials and trainings you’re truly passionate about. If they believe in you, they'll feel comfortable following your recommendations.


If you have any questions, feel free to call 781-331-7412, ext. 1, or email rcastagnozzi@readingwithtlc.com


Thank you for helping us change lives one letter at a time.


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